Our company has an experienced design and engineering team that works closely with our customers in the process of continuous improvement in order to find the optimal product design that will allow the forging of high quality components in terms of cost efficiency and productivity.

Our qualified staff is engaged in various activities in the industrialization department, such as:

  • Development, production and programming.
  • Design, improvement and innovation.
  • Control, quality and packaging.

With this manpower, we are able to achieve faster commissioning of improvements and development of new solutions for everyday challenges.

Half automatic marking of the parts with DMC code

When manufacturing a part, we must ensure the traceability of each piece. The traceability of parts is ensured by our DMC code created directly on the parts using a micro-impact device, which is controlled via a Siemens PLC.

Automatic output from furnace

After heating of the rods in the furnace, it is necessary to ensure the precise positioning of the rod in the shortest possible time, in order to secure the smooth running of other machines in the process. This is done by an automatic output consisting of a fast conveyor and pneumatic cylinders for positioning and temperature measurement.

Automatic mould lubrication

Lubrication is used during forging to reduce friction between the surface of the part and die or between the cutting tool and part when cutting of the flash. To ensure the correct application of lubricant in required layer, we use automatic lubrication devices controlled by PLC.

Robot programming

The automated process in our manufacture is secured by robots from the company ABB. We perform programming and tuning mainly with internal capacities.

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