Our own development and production planning department. We are experts in closed die hot aluminum forging. Forged aluminum combines maximum strength with toughness, and is recognized as a leading process for optimum lightweight applications.

Forging process

1. Forging

The production process itself begins by sawing the blanks, and thus sawing the input material to the required length and then preheating it for easier processing. The next step is Rolling: ensuring suitable distribution of the volume of the blank diameters to allow the most optimal material flow into the mould during forging.

2. Drop forging line

Drop forging line is associated with several processes:

Bending – bending the blank into the desired shape (multiple bending possible).
Pre-forging – an operation ensuring the shape of the final forging to approximately 98%.
Final forging – an operation ensuring the shape of the final forging – usually forging the identification data.
Cutting the protrusion – removal of excess parts of the forging.

3. Heat treatment

Heat treatment consists of two processes. Both of them have the task of ensuring a suitable structure and the required mechanical properties of the forging (strength, hardness, macrostructure). The first process consists in modifying the structure and mechanical properties of the forging. Immediately after that takes place serial number marking and visual inspection. The second part of heat treatment has the task of stabilizing these properties – it is also called artificial aging.

4. Pickling

The finished forging is surface treated in a pickling line in various chemicals and rinses. The part is cleaned of unwanted surface defects. Subsequently, the parts travel to the NDT line where the parts are soaked in the penetrant. They are then rinsed with water and placed in dark rooms where they are checked under UV light.

5. Packaging

After the parts are checked under UV light, they are subjected to a visual inspection and then packaged into pallets and ready for the customer for further processing.

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